DANATEQ leverages on the Telecom’s massive amount of data in its favor as a driver for customer experience, service and revenue management. Cognitive loops continuously optimize and refine the solutions, yielding increasingly better results.

Cognitive Customer Lifecycle Management

LINK™ takes the hurdle rates of each unique acquisition program and monitors the performance of the subscribers over their lifetime vs. the target customer lifetime value. Each milestone is monitored real-time and appropriate intervention is made in terms of offers, notifications, and calls to action. Usage, re-charge, payments, social network traffic, frequency of use, amounts, and volumes attributes are tracked in the Unified Customer Profile. They are fed on to a churn propensity model that is continuously updated on closed-loop analysis. The learning module keeps the historical performance of the models and with the use of predictive modeling and machine learning algorithms, fine tunes the offers to the target group. Institutional knowledge of churn behavior as it dynamically changes over time is captured as the system learns as it acts.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertisements will not be considered as spam if they reach the right customers. LINK™ enables this through real-time customer profiling and offer matching. LINK™ will trigger the most relevant advertisements to the subscriber who will be the most likely customer. With LINK™, operators can also create a channel where subscribers can volunteer his profile to partner merchants through incentives.

DANATEQ can help turn mobile advertising into a big revenue stream for the business.

Customer Loyalty Index: Net Promoter Score

LINK™ enables businesses to gauge brand loyalty among customers and provide the means to drive it. Customers are encouraged to share their brand sentiments via surveys which could be scheduled and sent to the entire base, randomly, or based on profile. Survey responses can be collected through interactive channels via gamified interaction and will be used to update the customer profile in real-time. Campaigns and offers can then be designed to mobilize and protect those classified as promoters, stimulate those who are passive, and convert the detractors.

Predictive Fault Management

Network analytics provide a means to predict faults and outages, and qualify any impact to the customers. This cognitive fault management allows the operators to address any issue before it creates a domino effect in costs due to customer calls to the hotline and tedious roll-outs. In addition to being the less costly alternative, it assures that a consistent and reliable service quality is delivered to the customer.