DANATEQ LINK™ is a multi-industry CRM and business solution that can address revenue optimization efforts and help organizations increase profit and top line growth with its cognitive, next generation analytics and customer experience management solutions.

Loyalty Rewards & Redemption

DANATEQ LINK™’s complex event processing capability can analyze consumer behavior and reward customers in real-time. Rewards can be in the form of loyalty points, discounts, or freebies that suit customer preferences as determined by the customer’s buying profile. The cognitive product catalog’s inventory management module can flag the program owners and merchants if rewards are running low to ensure that your catalog remains attractive and relevant to your customers. Empower your customers to redeem items with ease with an up-to-date rewards catalog and redemption process via a mobile app.


LINK™ allows businesses to interact with your customers at point-of-sale to up-sell and cross-sell items based on the customer profile. Businesses are then able to stretch customer spend and increase brand affinity by ensuring the offer suggestions are always relevant.

retail-analytics-distRetail Analytics & Distribution

Retail supply management and distribution can be optimized through information DANATEQ can acquire from various integrated platforms. Through real-time updates via point-of-sales machines and through other systems used by the business, data can be used to predict which stores needs to re-stock soon, or which route can effectively improve delivery costs while improving supply distribution.

retail-analytics-distCustomer Loyalty Index: Net Promoter Score (NPS)

LINK™ enables businesses to gauge brand and product loyalty among customers and provide the means to drive it. Customers are encouraged to share their brand sentiments via surveys which could be scheduled and sent to the entire base, randomly, or based on profile. Survey responses can be collected through interactive channels via gamified interaction and will be used to update the customer profile in real-time. Campaigns and offers can then be designed to mobilize and protect those classified as promoters, stimulate those who are passive, and convert the detractors.