DANATEQ uses a combination of network and customer analytics to provide a solution for gathering audience measurement for media institutions and product bundling to deliver a customized viewing experience for the customer. As a result, operators also have a means to bring the right advertisements to the right viewers.

Customer Analytics & Product Offer Matching

DANATEQ can offer solutions that can directly acquire data from viewers through set-top boxes installed on devices and transfer real-timeĀ information to the networks. Information can vary from location, channels visited, viewership duration, and such so that they may be gathered to create a dynamic analysis on viewership profile. Customer profiles are defined, modeled, and matched to product offers like pay per use rates, or build your own channel catalog. These offers are recommended to the customer on the fly.

Customer Profiling for Advertising

Connecting your advertisements and products to the right customers is easy with real-time customer profiling and offer matching. LINK will trigger the most relevant advertisements to the viewer who will be the most likely customer.

Predictive Fault Management

Network analytics provide a means to predict faults and outages, and qualify any impact to the viewers. This cognitive fault management allows the operators to address any issue before it creates a domino effect in costs due to customer calls to the hotline and tedious roll-outs. In addition to being the less costly alternative, it assures that a consistent and reliable viewing experience is delivered to the customer.