DANATEQ uses customer analytics and cognitive loops deliver a one-of-a-kind personalized banking experience built on customer trust and loyalty.

Loyalty Rewards and Redemption

Credit card usage and loyalty is raised up to the next level with customer-focused program that caters to the personal preferences of each customer. Gone are the days when loyalty points are collected and brochures are handed out to clients to choose from a range of product and services rewards. With the cognitive enterprise product catalog at the heart of the solution, rewards in the form of rebates, bank merchandise and other rewards from merchant partners can be dynamically offered as redemption options for the customer based on his profile. Transactions can be rewarded instantaneously with customized rates depending on customer status and banking history (e.g. Platinum Vs. Gold Vs. Silver customers). With active promotions like this, banking has never been more exciting. The product catalog’s inventory management module can flag the program owners and merchants if rewards are running low to ensure that your catalog remains attractive and relevant to your customers.

Fraud Management

DANATEQ monitors the behavior of its customers and uses cognitive algorithms to qualify customer transactions in real-time. By knowing a customer’s profile and banking habits, DANATEQ can help detect fraudulent activities. Through real-time feed and analysis of transactions, both the bank and the customer are assured that their investments are protected.