Energy & Utilities

DANATEQ helps Energy and Utilities companies save on costs, sustain a “green” operation and improve customer experience through cognitive closed-loop systems that automate and continuously improve business, driven by streaming data.

Energy On-Demand

Energy service providers and grid operators face increasing pressure to meet peak load and energy reduction targets. DANATEQ LINK™ Customer Analytics can provide attractive and flexible new program bundles that address the unique needs of different customer segments: Business Owners, High-Value Customers and the Mainstream. This is by providing on-demand subscription models and special offerings like; Flat rates, Dedicated, “pay-as-you-go” methods, time-of-use rates and peak-time rebates while integrating a cognitive solution to gain insights and understand how customers respond to such programs that will enable the utilities to improve energy program results and attain higher customer acquisitions.

Predictive Fault Management

DANATEQ LINK™’s Network Analytics provide a means to predict faults and power outages, and qualify any impact to the business owners and households. This cognitive fault management combined with the advanced metering technology allows the energy service providers, power distributors and DNOs to address any issues before it creates a domino effect in costs due to customer calls to the hotline and tedious roll-outs.

In addition to being the less costly alternative, it assures that a consistent and reliable experience is delivered across all customer segments. Integrating data and analytics to the power distribution & service process can provide equipment health-monitoring to achieve day-to-day field operational efficiencies and automated asset ordering process to speed up restoration efforts and prepare for threats to transmission grid resiliency.